Saturday, 23 January 2016

Hot day at Bondi beach

Dawn heralded a new day as a few gathered on the beach
The day of reckoning as temperatures soared
Hordes headed to the shore and prepared for battle
All day they stayed bodies strewn across the sands

Whether bronzed or pale they came to face the midday sun
Few took cover but braved it out face to face
With the glaring enemy shining strongly
Neither side gave in until the Sun set to

The guilty one was disappearing over the horizon
There was a hush as those witnesses left held sway
The sun had been a fierce combatant today
Some looked red in the face others just browned off

Gathered in the cool of evening came the celebrations
Scoffing drinks and hamburgers triumph in their eyes
Giving and receiving praise for their courage
And hearing tales of woe from their burnt allies

Others though now hid hid in shame for they were not participants
They had avoided the battlefield and escaped
Going to the hills to some safe sylvan bank
With a cool running stream...those pale weaklings

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Bondi is a popular beach in Sydney


  1. AH, I was at Bondi Beach once!! Beautiful place. But indeed it takes courage to face all of those people. And even more courage to ride the surf!

  2. Lovely scenic poem. its not easy being alone in a crowd

    much love...

  3. This is such a unique response to the prompt, I agree its definitely not easy being alone in a crowd so huge.

  4. What shame. I think I'm a coward and prefer hills with cool running streams. But I sure liked this poem and the clever angle you developed.

  5. Why go to Bondi when around the corner lie Tamarama and Bronte....much better. You can always find a quieter beach in many of them. Had lunch at the Icebergs Bondi the other day....great view over the sea ...took a a couple of days to overcome the cuisine.

  6. Haha! Let's hear it for those who choose not to brave the sun! Sometimes what we call courage is foolhardy bravado, as this satire makes very clear.

  7. Ahhh!! That's a lot of folks!! I'd be the pale poet next to the cool stream. :)

  8. Ha ha, count me with the pale weaklings! I so enjoyed this. It would take courage for me to face a throng like that.

  9. Oh, has happened to me!! Too many people make me cringe so, I enjoyed every bit of it.

  10. Happy Australia day - I guess mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun applies when you emigrate too ;)

  11. What wonderful response to the prompt!...though i'd rather be on the safe side ;)

  12. this had me laughing and feeling empowered. coming from a place without winter, it is a daily battle with the sun I tell you. hehehe...thanks for this.

  13. Positively un-Australian not to participate! :-) (Truthfully, I never do – my skin burns, not browns.)