Sunday, 17 January 2016

I'll try to be there

With his tight showlaces
I saw an old man fumbling
Mirror's reflection

It was me of course
Boy, youth, father now old man
Cursing memory

I now stand up straight
Hands trembling with memories
Anger in my heart

Where is the logic?
Tedious, trying, tiring day
Untying the knot

Tomorrow will dawn
How comforting the prospect
I'll try to be there

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  1. And I hope you will be..a reflective poem both strong and showing a tenderness and fragility..i sensed a moment when we catch ourselves in the mirror and we are not the person/age we consider ourselves to be in our can be an awakening of sorts..maybe it's good to look at our shoes and keep strengthening those knots

  2. Age is no barrier! One has to make a move and accept the challenge. It'll come sooner or later!


  3. I so related to this! Well done.