Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Back to the mountains

The mountains call me again
To that inviting scent of pine
I'll walk the trails to see my friends
This old world of yours and mine

Listen to the birds sing their songs
Hear the whisper of our tree
Brush against green ferns waving fronds
To watch squirrels quickly flee

Where better to sit me down
To rest by bank of rushing stream
The wriggle of the tiny fry
With the croak of frogs I dream

Be by my side once again
Hold my hand as you did before
It's not the same here all alone
But you'll watch me evermore

For I sense you everywhere
We laughed and loved all those years past
I search for you I know you're here
Who says that love will not last

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  1. Scent of pine and rushing streams... you do stir memories of the mountains!

  2. "Where better to sit me down
    To rest by bank of rushing stream"

    Beautiful lines..:)
    Enjoyed reading it!

  3. This is such a heartwarming poem.. with a beautiful sense of longing :D Well penned!

  4. Ah, the call of the mountains......I did some mountain hikes many years ago. Seems like yesterday, but the feeling of sitting by that rushing steam is something not to be forgotten! The feeling of yearning for what once was comes through strongly in your words!

  5. What a dreamy and hypnotic place - no wonder it is somewhere to hold onto and enjoy..also loved your rhyming too..i could picture sitting there listening, seeing, feeling and sharing it all with us..

  6. How lucky to have the experience from which such a poem could grow. Thank you, Thank you!

  7. Oh, this is beautiful, nostalgic and poignant....the return to the forest, the missing of the beloved one, but the assurance of the love that still lives on....sigh. Beautiful, Robin.

  8. The two separated ones WILL find each other at last, I'm sure!

  9. Beautifully nostalgic. Reminds me of my fondest memories of mountains :)

  10. love this image of the old world that has the touch of old love everywhere...heartfelt words...

  11. this was a fairy tale in theme and mood. I could picture a prince in search of his princess amongst the fairies and sprites, frogs and fish, etc. another beautiful poem this day! Yay!!!

  12. Luv the mood of nostalgia. The returning to something solid and looming large yet adorned with the beauty of simple essences of nature

    Much love...

  13. Losing the other half is like losing a limb I imagine.
    The spirit lives on and is present with you until it is your time. Love description of the forest.

  14. The tone of this poem was so peaceful and lovely.

  15. There are those places that retain a memory of us. Priceless Robin

  16. A wonderful romantic pastorale, Robin! I certainly enjoyed reading this one.