Saturday, 30 January 2016

The wise crow

Hers was an icy heart
As frigid as a goats kiss
And so depressing

Just what could I do?
Perhaps our zodiac signs 
Were never aligned

She's so attractive
There's something about her
I couldn't let go

Shrugging my shoulders
I had long been debating
Of quitting the town

When this wise old crow
Came swooping down towards me
To give me advice

His feathers were warm 
As we huddled together
Shall I cut and run?

He croaked with laughter
Shook his wise head and flew off
So she's a keeper

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  1. Kissing a goat! (chuckles) You are probably one of the very few who knows that a goat's kisses are frigid..been hitting the sauce again Old Egg?

  2. I used to keep goats many years ago, but I never let one kiss me. Now I know why: frigid!

  3. Nice, we all have to watch out and listen to 'wise old crow'.