Monday, 8 June 2015

Rough and Tumble

I don't remember when I was one
My babyhood was scarcely gone
I had a brother that is for sure
Who now thought he'd get less than more

For I'd encroached upon his space
He had to learn with much bad grace
He'd been promised a sister fair
But got me for whom he didn't care

We'd get sent in the garden to play
Neither of us did get our way
He'd push and shove and get all the toys
Because we were just normal boys

How did I survive those early years?
For I often ran to mum in tears
Strange that he was the one with curls
Yet I wanted to play with girls

I craved a dolly for me to nurse
So was bought one from mother's purse
I now wonder where that doll went
For that money was so well spent

Rough and tumble was not my game
I was a rose by another name
Not for me brazen gallantry
But sweet thoughts and poetry

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  1. We all find our niche; not always where we expect.

  2. This makes me smile! My little guy...not so little anymore.....was a doll man too! I love that he has that side!

  3. Ah, the competition between older and younger child. A universal story, and yet, your interest lay not in the competition, but in compassion. Love it, Old Egg.

  4. So glad you were still able to be you. I had two brothers when my mother gave birth to yet another boy. I wanted a sister so badly, so I can relate to that older brother.

  5. Interesting poem on sibling rivalry and relationships. I have seen very miserable childhoods for some resulting from ineffectual parenting. Sad !

    1. Thank you Rall. It was tough growing up with a bully brother.

    2. An all too often true story of sibling squabbles and growing up in your own way. What a wise Mama you had who knew that each boy needed to follow his own heart and seek his own kinds of treasure. You've grown up to be so awesome, Old Egg, I'm sure she must have been so very proud!

  6. I don't know what it is like to be a boy with a brother but as a girl with brothers it was wonderful.