Sunday, 14 June 2015

The dog shook his head

Her sharp words cut like honed razors
Speaking with a voice I knew not
Her face with sad, sour expression
She had discovered my secret
Unleashing a storm of abuse
Alarming our observant dog

He got up, went in the kitchen
Thirsty he lapped at his bowl
Then hid as he did on bath days
So as to avoid taking sides
Thinking then looked back at her 
I said,"It's just office gossip"

She laughed with a scornful retort
"You would not get a bronze medal
As you wrote that poem to her
and screwed up the first draft. You see!"
Now showing me the evidence
The dog now sadly shook his head

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  1. When you're young the dog eating your homework has it's advantages..i guess the consequences are a bit weighted with age...i love the unique way of telling this 'story'..effective, funny and a real snapshot into that kitchen..

    1. Yes as Jae Rose so eloquently stated a unique perspective - the image of the dog shaking his head is one that lingers on ...

  2. When even the dog knows you're in trouble.....I think the jig is up ;-)

  3. Writing poems can get one into trouble !

  4. Poor dog, trying not to take sides...........this was entertaining and so well written I could see all the facial expressions!

  5. A dog in the middle of humans at war with each sad.

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