Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Winter warmth

Winter wind whistled
Fur collar to coat turned up
She faced me but saw me not
Hand knitted black gloves
On her cold fingers
And her eyes were green

I had just been dumped
By the true love of my life
Given the push, frozen out
Now here before me
The most gorgeous girl
That I had ever seen

She caught the red bus
Gone away to who knows where
I was besotted that's for sure
Did she work in town
Just how old was she
Eighteen or nineteen?

She returned next day
Walking on her way to work
Stopped her in the busy street
Her eyes smiled at me
Mittens on her hands
Said her name was Jean

We walked together
And made a date for the flicks
Shivering in the morning cold
She then turned to go
I stood looking at
That place where she had been

A few days later
Invited back to her home
We cuddled by the cosy fire
I stroked her soft skin
And kissed her rosy lips
Against me she did lean

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  1. Ah, sometimes those brief encounters turn into something far more nurturing and long-lasting

  2. She caught the red bus
    Gone away to who knows where
    I was besotted that's for sure

    Sometimes one look is all that it takes to capture someone's heart..!
    Well penned :D

  3. You were very resilient....nice memory....enjoyed this one !

  4. Well, well. Success at the edge of sorrow. But is this the longest day or the longest night?

  5. Can touch the emotion of the heart and the grace of the memory.

  6. "She faced me but saw me not." Her loss. And then along came Jean. I so enjoyed this happy love story.

  7. Glad that the dumping was only temporary. Not easy to be on an emotional roller coaster.

  8. A wonderful dream....or so it seems to me...I enjoyed your write.

  9. Winter creates the most needed contrast to feel the warmth of heart...

  10. a short separation.. a long meeting..a short moment of solstice and then a long season..a lovely analogy..the red may be the summer sun

  11. Nice how the narrator finds someone to cuddle with and feel warmth on cold winter nights. Enjoyed reading this happy story.

  12. enjoyed this cycle of coolness and warmth...a lovely take on the prompt :)

  13. Awww...I hope you could keep that flame glowing in your home ...a lovely romantic take, Robin. Your writing style is arresting and does not allow one to stray :) Lovely poem...

  14. I thoroughly enjoyed this sweet tale.

  15. Great story poem, reminds me of an old song.

  16. this is what i loooove about winters...the chance to cozy up in wool clothing or sheets with a loved one like a family member, a friend, or even a cuddly pet cat or a teddy bear. very nice!!!

  17. Winter memories are warm aren't they Robin? This is such a rich one. Thanks for giving us a taste of winter past...

  18. Well, love on the rebound can sometimes turn into something that is more substantial than the original relationship one was dumped from. Great images and I love the story-telling in this!