Wednesday, 24 June 2015

A Precious Gift

It was our first date
There was a lump in my throat
I was so nervous

Springtime and still cold
She came and looked beautiful
Grinning, eyes lowered

I felt warm at once
How on earth did I find her?
As she held my arm

Gave her chocolates
"I have got nothing for you"
She apologised

Puzzled, I just said
"But you have come, haven't you?
That's a precious gift"

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  1. The best gifts are your time and attention.

  2. She better have brought something for the second date. Sheesh.

  3. Love the last stanza (chortles!)

  4. aw that is the best gift/ lovely sentiment

  5. That is so goo-ily gorgeous! Mind you, she could have brought him a bag of toffees or something!

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