Sunday, 28 June 2015

Just for the records

What can I tell you
About my beautiful Kathleen?
I loved to touch her hands
How she'd get lost in a book
Her mind elsewhere
No idea where she was
It was the same with letters
She's rush to the mailbox
As though a lover had written
Yet I thought I was him

Just for the records, it's over
Finished, she's gone, run off
"Going to the shops" she said
Must be still there, it's dark now
While I'm sitting here alone
Waiting for my phone to ring
Thinking about my life with her
The way it has all panned out
Love and beauty are transient
They come into your life then walk out

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  1. This rings a couple of bells with me! Ah well, that's life.

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  2. You don't seem to have much luck with the gals:)

  3. Love and beauty are indeed transient - even if the person comes back home again...and on that cheery note...happy Sunday to you Old Egg :)

  4. I must say, there may have been a few red flags along the way ;-)

  5. Oh my goodness - this is absolutely exquisite <3

  6. This is beautiful, a pensive feeling comes through.

  7. Like the flow of your poem ... very convincing and well written.

  8. Oh wow, this was good. And whoever that dude is in the photo, I'll take him.