Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Country Roads

One fifty miles from home
It was a grey day
After a long week
Driving the long country roads

The dark sky threatened rain
I'm hungry for something
It could be for love
Teardrops on the windscreen

Small townships pass me by
A grain silo here
A strange figure there
Bitumen looks darkly at me

Freight train has right of way
Crossing bells chime
The rain's heavy now
I hope she's got supper on

Traffic has snarled up now
How slow that last mile
Those lights look pretty
"Aw honey you look dead beat"

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  1. aw Ihope you got your dinner when you got home

  2. So melancholy. It makes me fear for the rail crossing and the rain.

  3. That's so vivid... like "bitumen looks darkly at me" !!

  4. There's nothing like that light in the window.

  5. "Aw honey you look deadbeat" LOL
    You have never said this in your life !

  6. Ah, nothing like a hot woman to to the chill off a rainy night, eh?

  7. Yes, long country roads can take it out of you.

  8. Bitumen always looks darkly..i wonder if those lights and the endless last mile are a sign of wanting to get home or not? A journey where the discomfort of every mile was expertly conveyed..and felt

  9. After driving in an absolute downpour yesterday, I can relate to driving in the rain.

  10. The nicest thing about your poems is that I always understand what's going on at first read. That's quite rare just lately! Anyway, hope you got your supper and she got a good juicy peck on the cheek!

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