Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Perverse Creature

Such a perverse creature is man
Striving ever to do what he can
To poison the rivers flowing free
And plunder deep into the sea

Cruelly fell that sweet forest green
Killing creatures to him unseen
Just what is the need for that?
Surely not a feather in his cap?

Are all the poor now fully fed?
Have they all a comfy bed?
Warm from winter's chilly blasts?
A safe home for Earth's outcasts?

There are a few that think it funny
'Cos they're safe with lots of money
Much more if they dredge those seas
And get rid of those pesky trees

What if the Arctic ice does melt?
They think they're where it's not felt
Wild animals cry out in pain
Why is this creature so insane?

Self absorbed and without a frown
Digging their graves deeply down
Rushing to the end with such haste
Frantic to sink the world with waste

This omnivore that destroys it all
Architect of Earth's final fall
This cruel man of pity is bereft
Let's hope there's one small seed left

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  1. Self absorbed and without a frown
    Digging their graves deeply down
    Rushing to the end with such haste
    Frantic to sink the world with waste,

    I loved the rhythmic flow of this powerful piece..! Perhaps there is still some hope left for man.. however little much but struggle he can.

    Well penned :)

  2. We are indeed perverse...the race for self preservation often goes hand in hand with self destruction...but there are always little seeds of hope...good people who will one day prevail...or maybe even do now

  3. Thorough and detailed, your poem trots us forward rhyme to rhyme unto the unrelieved truths of greed. Love the meter and rhyme, the sequence and the small seeds that I know are possible and watching, watching, beginning to stand up. I believe poems like this help.

  4. Love the rhyme with such a strong voice and also that most coveted tender seed, our lifeline...

  5. reminded me o wordsworth...
    "Sweet is the lore which Nature brings;
    Our meddling intellect
    Mis-shapes the beauteous forms of things:—
    We murder to dissect."

  6. One feels the pain in seeing how the human species take steps to slowly and surely inflict pain and destruction in order to sustain individual greed.


  7. true they are so self- absorbed.we all feel the pain but no listens.

  8. I worry that we've gone too far down this path to make a safe turnaround. Our entire culture forces waste. For example, if you try to live without plastic, you'll either go hungry or burn the equivalent amount of petroleum in driving to places that will sell you what you need without the packaging. Everything reinforces the existing system, making us all culpable whether we want to be or not.

  9. Yes. I wrote two poems like that last night myself, Robin. It is appalling to know what we know and watch it all unfolding. We are at the very edge of systemic collapse, I believe, skirting the precipice, and still in denial. Sigh. Well written!

  10. Let's hope there's one small seed left! ~ An intense poem truly depicting the reality that no creature is as selfish and heartless as man.

  11. We are such greedy little creatures, aren't we? It's hard to see the big picture.

  12. Omnivores is such a good way to describe all of humanity's appetites and greeds....

  13. ah yes, this poem stops us dead in its track to have a good look at ourselves, the creature, humankind

    much love...

  14. Yes humanity is absurd in its quest for wealth. I love how you write about this in your somber but truthful poem.

  15. Too true. We seem to think we are immune to the consequences of our actions.

  16. Old Egg,

    Too many years of self-interest, buoyed by money has often left the earth devatated for any other generations to enjoy, or even find survival..The truth has come to bite...

  17. Great poem. The strength lies in the stance being quiet rather than a shouting attack.

  18. Let's hope for the better future for our Earth and for people, starting to change the attitude of self-absorbance... ~ poignant poem!

  19. Your description of humanity is dead on, we are thankless at best, the bringers of death.

  20. Very well written, intriguing stuff.

  21. The environment is not the only aspect of our planet we are destroying. We are destroying our traditions and value systems as well....replacing them with the adoration of greed ,self gratification, with the abandonment of altruism and aesthetics.

  22. Unfortunately few humans realise that if we were to be removed, destroyed, become extinct from this earth it would be a blessing even if we had destroyed the earth before our demise. The only way we can survive is we heal the earth. Otherwise, even we kill the earth (and we are thus destroyed ourselves), the earth will regenerate, humans not.