Sunday, 7 June 2015

The Spanish Girl

I went to great lengths
To woo this sweet Spanish girl
Her dark eyes flashing

How I ached for her
Teasing shaking her dark hair
Really must touch her

That pain of longing
She knew how much I craved her
Smiling she just laughed

I had not the strength
To resist the temptation
When she approached me

She leaned over me
I place a ten Euro note
In her sweet cleavage

Was pulled to my feet
Then things got out of control
I was her partner!

How the crowd did clap
Laughing at all my antics
Salt rubbed in my wounds

A stain on my pride
Other faults do spring to mind
But none quite as bad


  1. It could have been far worse I'm sure but I guess you get what you pay for :~

  2. LOL...teach you not to poke your fingers into where they don't belong !

  3. Ha.. .I would be careful to with a lady like that... better be or you burn-

  4. Thanks for the humor here, I needed it today,


  5. I wish I could have seen that!

  6. You get what you pay for, I suppose ;-)

  7. Oolala .. what a lady she was!