Sunday, 21 December 2014

Your jet black hair

I dreamed of you last night
Of your long jet black hair
That you tossed without a care
And the depth of your dark eyes
Which you knew I was aware
In Christmas party's lustful sighs

Just where have you gone?
Why in my dreams do you I see?
From...Oh so very long ago
Those years have passed us now
When we said those last goodbyes
You just left, just why? just why?

Now that I am old and grey
Would you know me from those days
Of gentle kisses and much more
The thrill of planning the evermore
That all came to a stop so sudden
These memories now are a burden

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  1. So sad when memories are a burden.. And afterwards it's bittersweet - when sweetness turns bitter at a season like this..

  2. That's sad. Memories should be a pillow not a millstone.

  3. I hope there is a time when memories can be enjoyed for what they were & bring warm feelings rather than be a burden. But I know grief has its own time table.

  4. Sadly sometimes dreams bring more sorrow and painful nostalgia than joy. Hope there comes a time when the pain is more bearable.

  5. a heart scorned. i echo what J Cosmo Newbery stated

    gracias for sharing

    feliz dias de celebracion

  6. Yes , memory of that lovely jet black hair becomes a burden sometimes....

  7. Some memories can have a downside and never fade away, nice poem.

  8. Until the last lines I would not have guessed these memories to be a burden. But I know the sudden stop with no time to adjust--onlty time to stumble and to fall. It is not too late, Old Egg.

  9. appreciate the nostalgia for one who got away.well penned.

  10. "The thrill of planning the evermore" really this is my favourite line

    have a nice Sunday

    much love...

  11. I have my own dark-haired blackbird-hearted lost love....the memories are painfully sweet, no two ways about it.

  12. Life is full of bitter-sweet moments and memories. I hope your burdens turn a bit sweet over time.

  13. Cheer up Robin :)

    Such a tender poem of longing... she is still there beside you as you celebrate holidays

  14. I've had plenty of times where I've tried it out with someone and ended in failure. Lesson learned: Not everyone is a keeper. Those who are won't let you down.

  15. You sure know how to make a presence out of absence :-)
    Well done.

  16. Oh those old bittersweet memories of long agos...what would have been....

  17. Though may not be the best of circumstances, memories are more memorable with little hiccups. Great lines oldegg!


  18. Remembering what might have been can be hard.

  19. Dreams can be enjoyed, or confuse...Wondering is a surprising element..What might have been, if it had remained...
    Excellent poem....


  20. Long black hair and dark eyes...they really have power! ~ Happy Holidays :)x