Wednesday, 17 December 2014

A symphony of delight

I noticed her
There at the bus stop
So I dared to speak to her

It was so cold
She was wrapped up warm
And happy to talk to me

I asked her out
Jazz club "No", film "Yes"
Held hands in the cinema

She loved music
Sang in a chorus
Got ticket for "Iolanthe"

So I loved her
While tripping hither
Now married with three children

Music was then
The food of sweet love
A symphony of delight

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  1. Love the last lines of "music was then the food of love, a symphony of delight." Moving.

  2. This is a nice way of incorporating the theme of love with music. I could picture both the narrator and the girl mentioned dancing in a classical ballroom. Reading your poem was like reciting a scene from a black and white movie. Really neat. :)

  3. How music can be the impetus for a loving union. Very candid in simplicity oldegg!


  4. Ah, it is wonderful to find someone who shares one's interests. This truly IS the foundation of true love.

  5. "Music was then the food of sweet love." Oh yes. It was.

  6. Well written, I immediately heard The Hollies singing "Bus Stop"

  7. I feel the muse-ic of delight in this sweet lyric narrative. Thank you!

  8. I love how you cleverly unfurled this story over two prompt sites..i am glad i read them in the order i did..and even gladder they broke that silence

  9. Oh, the melody of love! So sweet, old egg :)