Saturday, 6 December 2014

A child in a manger

They had to get away
For she was pregnant
It just wasn’t safe there
Looking at her husband
He was the main arranger

He had shaved his beard
And paid their money over
Now they had nothing left
As they waited for a boat
To get away from danger

Hundreds like them gathered
To sail away from there
And find a brighter future
For freedom was their goal
To be their life changer

They boarded a tiny boat
Packed in huddled together
She and others were sick
Their water ration low
Some too spewed anger

Their boat when finally seen
Was diverted from their goal
Unloaded on a navalship
Taken to a distant shore
To house them in a hangar

Her baby made his move
Into this world must come
Taken to their promised land
A hospital bed for her
In the land of bush rangers

He husband was not there
Tired, scared and voiceless
Strange people helped her through
An Aussie child born one day
His cot was like a manger

This land settled long ago
By convicts and all such
Accepting most that came
Will now turn its back on them
For it fears this bad stranger

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  1. You could write this in the States as well. Interesting thoughts today.

  2. It is true that the world comprises only a few stories...sadly repeated...although knowingly good to be visiting your poems again