Wednesday, 17 December 2014

She has misty eyes

She is tall, aloof
I often notice her here
Stood at the bus stop

I saw him again
Was he just glaring at me
O the cheek of him

I love her sweet smile
There is of touch of sadness
She has misty eyes

He is not that bad
He smiles and has laughing eyes
No, I must not look

I do love her hands
There's no ring on that finger
I feel so alive

Will he speak to me?
I can see that he wants to
Yes, he's going to

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  1. I love the interaction of the two points of view

  2. This was a perfect iteration of how two different people think and reflect upon their emotions towards one another. Wouldn't it be so surreal if we evolved to the point where we could read each other's emotions? Personally I think it would be a bit strange.

  3. Oh are heads are busy bees aren't they...all the little conversations we want to have but don't...or will either one of them be brave...i should really start going to bus stops

  4. And...? And...? You can't leave it there!

  5. Yay! Such a lovely ending.
    No sorry, happy beginning :)
    Nice to read this- both sides expectation :)