Saturday, 6 December 2014

Lesson in sustainability

Ogre peered from his cave                        
Sadly gazed through the haze                 
Straining his old eyes                                
To glimpse the horizon                              
And searching for the sight                                  
Of that far distant cape                               

“It’s been many eras”                                  
His voice murmured gruffly                                   
Tugging at his cruel chains                      
“Ages since I traipsed there                      
The old times have long gone                  
With cute maidens to rape”                                   

“Mythological men                                      
Who believes in us now?                          
Water nymphs and monsters                    
Inflamed by our passions                        
Deranged by jealousy                                
Roaming the landscape”                           

“We were terrible then                                
But couldn’t sustain belief                        
You humans do worse now                  
As we just gnawed on bones                   
But they have filet of beef                         
And call their pancakes, crepes”              

“No, I’m used to this life                             
And would feign exchange it                   
A tremor I will cause
When I tug on my chain                            
But you destroy the earth
Turning it to moonscape"                     
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  1. I guess myths and lores remain "alive" because of the faith of common man.

  2. I wish I could write this kind of imaginative poetry.

  3. Try living here, old lad. Odin still rules, and Ilmarinen's hammer strikes somewhere every day.

  4. My goodness you really dived into this cave Old Egg - the words served you well I think...such a clanking of chains rumbling through these words..i don't want to be around when they break..

  5. I liked this story in your poem.

  6. your image is grotesque, ha!! what a nice poem to go with it,

    much love...

  7. I really like myth-making. Yours suggests that we humans have become the ogres but hints of still existent chains that rattle. We may feign forgetfulness, but the child still remembers and trembles. That might be a good thing.


  8. Love this tale!