Saturday, 13 December 2014

Born on Christmas Day

For those who on this day were born
There is not much joy at all
Celebrations for a more worthy one
Has left us hurt, sad and so forlorn

Christmas is of course a treat
Presents yes and carols too
With trees and candles and all the rest
But my birthday has missed a beat

I know all about the manger and the hay
Of lots of food and games to play
But I wished I’d arrived in June 
Rather than to be born on Christmas Day

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Author's note: Please direct no sympathies or wishes to me as Christmas is not my birthday!


  1. Yes - it is hard to trump the birth of Jesus...even if you are little or a non believer...hats off to you for such a gift of a poem...i did wonder where i would go with this prompt ;)

  2. I know a couple people whose birthdays land near or on Christmas, and it is quite a noise maker. They get their Christmas and birthday gifts all on the same day. Kind of funny really. :) One of the craziest birthdays I have ever seen though was my 2nd grade teacher; her's was on a leap year surprisingly enough.

  3. My co-worker is expecting her first grandbaby, due date 12/25. She refers to him as her Christmas present, but I wonder how he'll feel about growing up sharing a birthday with someone so famous? Could be worse, though. I know someone whose birthday is September 11, a ne fas day in the US, for sure.

  4. sister is the day after, and she hates it...