Saturday, 20 December 2014

A Technicality

Always in the wrong
A thousand eyes are on me
Now I burn with guilt

Am I beyond help?
My choices are not best made
I am here again

Looking at my brief
Hoping he finds a snag
I try not to sweat

He is unconcerned
An actor's fine performance
A talk fest for him

High above the court
Now clutching at the bars rail
Wait for the verdict

The judge has returned
His summing up confuses
I start to panic

Grins from the defence
Freed on a technicality
Good, I'm home again

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  1. A cool little piece. I found myself thinking "this is what it would be like if Law and Order was a poem!"

  2. Ooh...s/he sounds like a clever and crafty avoided...that last line hit down live a gavel..

  3. oh great walking out on freedom road (◕‿◕。) have a good Sunday

    read mine here

    much love...

  4. All this psychology and theater mixed up...and who is a puppeteer? :)

  5. Can be most worrying and tense if given such a situation. Seeing all the court trappings are that intimidating let alone being judged! Great lines oldegg!