Sunday, 7 December 2014

The brief case

I looked in all places
Just for that information
I needed right now

But had you been here
You would have found it quickly
You were organised

I searched all the drawers
Even turned out the cupboards
And tore out my hair

So desperate me 
Pulled out all the suitcases
Even your briefcase

I opened that up
And rummaged through the contents
This sure stopped me dead

There was a letter 
Decades old, from you to me
But was never sent

You had been so cross
I had upset you so much
So you told me so

I knew your tears fell
When writing that sad letter
As mine now did too

You've been long gone
Yet you showed in your love then
That love conquers all

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  1. sometimes, this unsent letters are way of releasing the emotions. not necessarily to be sent. love will surely be present in any form to remind you about it. smile Robin :)

  2. beautiful, especially the last line :)

  3. oh heck... finding that letter after such a long time...and feeling the person in their words... what a treasure as well

  4. What a discovery of love! Love reveals itself in strange ways sometimes with surprises.Great lines oldegg!


  5. Finding old letters, bringing up memories of pain, joy, sorrow and love....a wonderful movement to the end!

  6. this was remarkable.nostalgia and melancholy merge with sincere passion.

  7. 'love conquers all' ~ so true

  8. It can be either comforting or sad to read old letters, I think. Sometimes both. Your poem puts us into the experience of reading an unsent letter, and I wonder just why the person didn't send it....and how hard it must be to come upon it decades later when one couldn't do anything at all about what had caused the upset.

  9. This is such a good poem and a good story, oldegg. I can understand the pain and all the questions. I also like how you chose to end your poem.

  10. Somehow her love might have been in not sending the letter.. to read it afterwards (with mended bridges). Lot's of thoughts you are putting in my head with your wonderful words.

  11. Oh I can imagine the reading of that letter. As Bjorn says, her love shows in her not sending it. Love does conquer all.

  12. Love does conquer all. Nicely told, Oldegg.

  13. This was so moving and so touching. Love does conquer all.

  14. How I hope this really happened! Not the pulling out of the hair, but the love that hits the pause button in all of our urgent actions.

  15. This must be a moment full of exquisite sentiment. My husband has trouble finding things too and possibly he may someda find such a letter. I hope it is a moment that hono

  16. I have some "letters" like that, unsent, written during a time of crisis. But they are composed of pixels and won't be likely to ever make their way to anyone else's eyes. I'm not so sure if that's a good or a bad thing.

  17. Love indeed conquers all...
    Nice poem!