Sunday, 17 August 2014

That orangy tang

I always had a love
of the smell of oranges
a sign that those grey days
were gone after a lifetime of war
Oh, what grand plans we had
once reborn in a land of peace
after years of abomination
flirting with cruel fate
Like one of the demimonde
after fighting for freedom
we forbade it to others
our African and Asian brothers
they downtrodden while we lit
candles of hope for ourselves
denying asylum and love
as evil transgressions
and strange allegiances
in the name of national interest 
were chanted like
some strange rites in
a behaviour that I myself
wanted no part of
so today I can still
smell that orangy tang 
but now I weep sadly as
some strange hand
sweeps across the land
and carves senseless borders
into the lives and minds of mankind

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  1. It all seems sad and orangy with a tang.

  2. Deep take on the prompt, well balanced poem, powerful, on time! x

  3. Makes me think of Christingle...making the oranges and putting the white tape and candle in...the smell and being little and not understanding quite what it's all about..shame that age gives you answers why at times...

  4. Oh OldEgg, you brilliant handle these words I gave to the group. It has a timeless quality to it too, could use any war, past and future.

  5. Brilliantly wordled. It amazes me that one word, not in the Wordle selection, crops up in so many of the poems: abomination - the only fitting word to describe war and repression.

  6. Yes! Yes! And again - Yes! Most appropriately impressive, and relevant to these troubled times. Kudos by the bucket-loads!!

  7. Wonderful and so well suited for these times ... from our hope of the end to war and bid for freedom to our own oppression - well done!

  8. Once again you have done something really special and thought provoking with those seemingly random words. An example of how it should be done!

  9. This is superb writing -- and that end.. those last lines.. really cut as deep as those borders

  10. Very apropos both for then and now.

  11. You've used the contrast of oranges to war well.

  12. Old Egg, yes, you provided us with the perfect scenario here. The ending is a punch to the gut. Very deep and meaningful.

  13. That's a lot of memory and musing to pack into an orange. Nicely done.

  14. The Sunday Whirl seems to have disappeared but thanks to its Facebook page I’ve found this weeks’ words. As a temporary measure I’ve put them up on my site along with a Mister Linky thingy-dingy should you wish to participate. It’s all at

    Spread the word brothers and sisters!