Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Faithful Love

As I felt morose
I struggled from bed today
Same old, same old world

Just as an impulse
I walked down to the beachside
To breathe in the air

Walkers were sparse here
So the sea and shore were mine
My faithful old love

She whispered to me
Covered me with briny kisses
To lift my spirits

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  1. I can picture the walk. It's a beautiful poem

  2. Lovely...something about the sea and a walk on the seashore. It's great!

  3. I was just on the Pacific and can feel that briny kiss still.

  4. Nature is timeless and always waiting.

  5. The sea is always a place of comfort. We are truly blessed if we live near the sea. Like the photo and this simple but lovely poem.

  6. lovely poem, I wish I could live near the beach

    Wait Over

  7. Though the world is same old same has that comfort muddled if it wasn't there we would miss it...and briny kisses...not a bad start to a day