Saturday, 2 August 2014

Making an ass of myself

I’m not flamboyant
I’ve no appetite for words
How can I woo her?

Flattery’s not me
I have no gift of the gab
How can I impress?

Jumbled loving words
May cause her irritation
And point to failure

“Stars high up above
How can I signal my love?”
“Sun, how can I shine?”

Tell me the secret
Lest she tire of my mumbling
And see my true self

Cupid saw my cares
So whispered sweet sounds of bliss
Disclosing my love

So she looked on me
An ass with the longest ears
Loving me at last

How soft are her cheeks
How warm are her caresses
Now who's a donkey?

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  1. Not you! Reminded me a bit of A Midsummer's Night Dream..not that you are a bottom - of course ;)

  2. Oh so sweet, paired with the image!

  3. ha. well, in the end love overcomes all you know...
    no matter how we try to make it work ourselves..

  4. haha. loved your sense of humor and the photo that came with this one! have a great Sunday (or Monday?) to you Oldegg.

  5. Well! Thanks for the ear to ear grin reading this. :-)

  6. What a sweet picture and a sweet poem. Even asses desire to love and be loved. Smiles.

  7. He-haw! Love it. There's hope for us all.

  8. The ending caught me completely by surprise! I'll have to ponder an appropriate answer to the question posed.

  9. The world has a great supply of asses, but you are not one of them. I enjoyed this clever poem!

  10. smile from ear to ear.
    So nice.

  11. What? Wants more? What an ingrate donkey/ass! ~ Just kidding :) ~ Fun read xx

  12. ha....i love this, how the roles switched toward the end.

    lighthearted and enjoyable read!

    stacy lynn mar

  13. That was an interesting ending. :)

  14. I LOVE this - "so she looked on me, an ass with the longest ears, loving me at last." I love happy endings! This one made me grin!!!!!

  15. haha :) nice.. donkeys are really sweet animals.

  16. You could chose a worse love than the donkey! This was a happy read and nicely written poem.

  17. Whether equine or human, most asses are worthy of love.

  18. You knew i would smile for this one, have a grand Sunday

    Much love...

  19. That's a nice twist. :)

  20. Finally:)Let's hope it lasts more than a week! At least give her a bunch of flowers and not in a plastic bag from Woolworths.

  21. ROFL!! That was just perfect, just love it! Maybe after a few kisses, it will turn into Price Charming

  22. Really like how you married the words to the image and that hee-haw of humor just makes it better,


  23. Love this, beautifully written with a spattering of humour and an image to set the scene.

  24. I understand the jumbled awkwardness you've expressed! Isn't it lovely when someone can make us feel like such a mess? :) I look forward to reading more of your writing. You're so good at it!!

  25. wonderful love.. sometimes it's not the words but the unspoken that's heard..

  26. Lovely with gleams of humour.....requited love finally... :-)

  27. I find it amazingly interesting how we all are given the same words, yet some (like you) shine assembling them into wonderful sentences!

  28. So odd how the meaning of words changes our perspective.
    Just because of a label are we to be unloved?
    This is a lovely 'tail' -

    The Sonja Series is fun to write, not really dark - but then secrets tend to be thought of in just that light. Simple back story; Sonja is a middle-aged widow who inherited her husband's uncle's place that has many secrets.
    Not all of which have been discovered yet though some of the secret passages have :)

    Thanks for stopping by ~Jules

  29. Nice, old egg. Love the twist at the end.