Monday, 25 August 2014

Schoolboy's luck

I looked in her eyes
She lowered them in surprise
That I'd wooed her

And spoke of young love
Blonde with a cute turned up nose
She looked back at me

Curious that I
Would dare to invade her thoughts
In her spring of life

She wanted to frown
Luckily I was the first
To interest her

Sadly the bell rang
“May I walk you home?” I asked
In reply a nod

She turned then ran off
I couldn't believe I’d dared
As I rushed to class

Later on our walk
A friend took a shot of us
sat on the park bench

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  1. C'mon everybody - "Aaaaaah!"

  2. Ahhh indeed, Altonian! We love being reminded of the times of innocence when life was simple and sweet, and I want to believe that this was the start of a love story that was to last a lifetime. Sometimes it happened just that way! Wonderful poem, Old Egg. I loved it!

  3. This is so sweet and innocent. You captured young love quite well.

  4. Sweet and innocent, nervous and jerky. Oh, yes. Young love.