Monday, 4 August 2014

The bag lady

She poked in the bins
Grabbing bottles and tins
Her clothes all tattered

As old as the hills
Fossicking to pay the bills
Was all that mattered

Family all gone
Not even a dog at home
But she still nattered

No one to love her
Not even a cat to purr
Her life was shattered

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  1. oh, so sad and so true for too many.

  2. Small number of words, and so poignant.

  3. Wonderful imagery. I learned a new meaning for fossicking.

  4. Great job with the words of the day!

  5. what a sad story and unfortunately so true

  6. Perfectly told tale, as simple and to the point as the starkness of her life. You've done it again, Old Egg! Stories such as this, too true, and heartbreaking. I would wish her at least a pup or kitty for comfort. I would wish we would all care enough to leave no one on the streets alone.

  7. Ah! The bag-lady re-appears. Poor old dear. The young lad she was looking after has walked out, I suppose, which is why she is alone again. Another one of your 'brilliancies' !

  8. As other have said, so sad but far too true. This is lovely and simple.

  9. You know I think a life like this is as bad as being in a war zone and yet we just walk right on by without caring. I remember a time when there was no visible homelessness here. Why don't we look after our own?

  10. What a great post! Love the way you use words. Well done.