Monday, 11 August 2014

She's in the Caribbean

She was glamorous
She made the grade to a tee
Far as I could see

She was colorful
Had a sparkle in her eye
Only meant for me

She was so cheeky
So pretty this girl of mine
Oh, she was divine

Seasons come and go
And autumn took her away
Said she could not stay

I’ve no companion
She’s in the Caribbean
Keeping others warm

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  1. A wonderful compilation...
    A story there...

  2. Would have been fun to join her otherwise. The Caribbean sun can be most inviting! Wonderful write oldegg!


  3. You gotta watch out for the glamorous ones. But she is a girl after my own heart, I mean - follow the sun. Winter is bleak. Great story, Old Egg.

  4. I think there is a much longer story behind that poem, so nicely done. It makes me want to know more.

  5. this is a great account of love gone wrong..,or love that never lasted.

    you really drive the point home when you speak of how she's now keeping others warm.

    very good write!

    stacy lynn mar

  6. That last stanza is the best! You write such great poetry... simple but ... just really good!

  7. great poem!!! loved the story

  8. I enjoyed reading your pithy, intriguing poem.

  9. Cleverly done, this made me smile, Old Egg. Ahh yes, a girl of certain beauty and charm, here today, gone tomorrow, and on to other pleasures. I've known a few like that, but they sure knew how to make the boys smile when they were keeping company! :-)

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