Saturday, 9 August 2014

Passionate Summer

Our forbidden love
Beautiful but dangerous
Sweet and compelling

Touches so tender
Our bodies all entangled
Kisses to die for

I breathe in your scent
Your very soul is now mine
Your lips full crimson

I look in your eyes
Run my fingers through your hair
Passionate summer

I hear your heart beat
Search for a place of our own
Safe from prying eyes

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  1. Beautiful words, wonderfully said. Romance lives!

  2. Lots of passion for a Saturday morning. Thanks for sharing!

  3. An impassioned outpouring of love. The glory of romance.

  4. Try the Cosmopolitan Motel, corner of Riversdale and Elgar Roads, top floor, east side.

  5. Maybe that's an inside thing not a motel! The possession of another's heart and soul is more in the mind perhaps...though no less exciting

  6. A love that is hidden has an extra sweetness, but only for awhile. It must evenually come out in the world or else die.