Monday, 18 August 2014

Sea Drift

                      Sculpture on seat at Somerton Park, South Australia (Photo by author)

I often walk this stretch of beach
For the sea has much to teach
The tides come in and then they ebb
Bringing news just like the web

I stroll far along on this sand
But now there’s none to hold my hand
We used to laugh and shells collect
How easy that is to recollect

The seaweed drifts in on the tide
Sometimes high and sometimes wide
It’s as though I could meet her here
Oh how we’d hug and shed a tear

What if she came when I was gone?
Who would say I still grieve alone?
Perhaps I’ll tell that man up there
Why does he forever inland stare?

Perhaps like me he lost his love
Long waiting there ne’er to move
Lest she come like me to walk again
To meet and ever end our pain


  1. I'm sure you have captured the feelings of anyone who is alone, and has lost a loved one. Thanks for sharing.

  2. How beautifully done, Old Egg. I can only imagine how it is to live a life that is filled with sweet memories shared, but your partner is no longer alive to enjoy those places with you. I suspect that your love was strong enough that she lingers still and visits you at times just to make sure you are ok. We are not really so far apart from those who have passed over, and the time will come for being together once again.

  3. Also, thank you for alerting me to the link up problem this morning. InLinkz has come up with a new format which sends those linking up to a new page to add their links. I don't like it, I'm sticking with the old one! :-)

  4. There is a commonality to all our experiences. The man gazing inland may not have lost his dearest love, but simply by having lived, he has lost someone.

  5. This is lovely. The beach is my place to connect with the Infinite. Memories envelop like the tides.