Saturday, 1 February 2020

Did the birds come?

Did the birds come and sing to you tonight?
To tell you of my joy and such delight
Tapping their beaks on the window pane
Singing that I wanted to see you again

And that I need to kiss your lips again
Or as they said " a little peck,,,no pain"
I think you are lovely as are your hands
Let's walk tomorrow on sea shores sands

To watch the summer sun sink in the west
As we hold hands and do what we do best
Vanished now my fears you would not love me
Perhaps some other lads looks you did see

Why do I worry about whys and wherefore?
For looking at you face I know the score
Your eyes, your nose and how you flick your hair
To me your beauty is beyond compare

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  1. Oh, how could she resist such a sweet invitation? I'm sure the birds were perfect messengers ... and if not, the poem would be.

  2. Good use of the words.I like the title.

  3. What a sweet poem Love your opening line

  4. This poem should be set to music, Robin! I especially enjoyed the first stanza, with the messenger birds tapping on the window, and the final stanza with its hint of Shakespeare.

  5. Such a tender and romantic poem - it flows smoothly and effortlessly - superb!

  6. Love the image of birds fluttering through and the way each line sings. :)

  7. Luv the image of the bluebirds introducing the love and joy in your lines
    Happy Sunday Robin

    much love...

  8. This is delightfully romantic, Robin!💝 I love; "Why do I worry about whys and wherefore? For looking at you face I know the score."

  9. Truly a lovely love poem! Love the flick of hair and a bird tapping at the window. I had one do that once.

  10. The first stanza reads like the beginning of a fairy tale. I agree with Kim, this would make an awesome song.

  11. Ah, you're such a delightful suitor! Keep on doing what you do best!

  12. Yes, you are romantic suitor! Loved this, Robin.

  13. I love how your poem answers its title. As always, this is romantic, a bit nostalgic and most delightful.

  14. The birds may yet come and sing, Robin. Oh, if they would sing again someday for us all.

  15. That would be wonderful, Robin. At first I was singing, "Twa la la, listen to the mocking bird's song." Renember that oldie?

  16. Oh my heart was drawn in from your first stanza. Beautiful