Monday, 3 February 2020

A walk in the misty wild

In the bush for a walk, we did watch birds
It's what we did roaming far from home
Through trees, across plains and mountains too
An excellent pastime for just us two

We'd both have a stick for safety's sake
In case we were set on by a snake
We didn't say too much as we walked
As the birds would fly high if we talked

We didn't steal eggs or chop up the plants
Just took photos if we had close glance
Never touch a nest with new eggs there
They were baby birds not meant to share

Took photos of birds we'd not yet seen
Scribbled notes of where we had just been
They were the only tokens of our visit
Why spoil what was qite exquisite?

Oft other walkers would make us cringe
Who may have come to just gawk and whinge
Have no care what harm they might well do
Leave tokens of the visit which accrue

Forewarned, forearmed the best way to go
No to leave ltter which is a big no!
Lest we form ideas in creatures mind
No sign of rubbish if we are kind

No plastic trash or ropes to cause snags
Or smoking there and discarding fags
Not plastic tape or rubbish to harm
And the wild with no cause for alarm

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