Monday, 3 February 2020

I am not sad

I am not sad it is raining after weeks of freezing snow. I am not sad the wind is blowing cold faced winter away. But I am glad the Spring flowers are peeking out the soil. I don't mind the rain soaking in the ground, Even the trees look happy as fresh green leaves sprout now, I even saw the first swallows wing their way overhead. Springtime makes me happy as so much gives birth again.

                                                  Goodbye wintertime
                                                It's time for procreation
                                                   It is why we're here

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  1. I like your personification of nature and the underlying philosophy of your poem, Old Egg.

  2. I have green things poking their heads up on my balcony, too, and it makes me happy. We have had some very welcome rain, wonderful for the forest.

  3. I love the gentle welcome to spring in your prose, Robin, and the gentle two fingers to winter!

  4. The images of new life fill your prose, and you describe them with such subtle charm! I love the alliterative touch in this sentence:

    “I even saw the first swallows wing their way overhead.”

  5. short and melodic haibun, I felt spring in every line as it skipped to the end

  6. I really like the way you portray the optimism of spring.