Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Young and Foolish

I remember those days when I was 'young and foolish'
'Falling in love' with every pretty girl in school
Mother said 'Don't let them pull the wool over your eyes'
After she saw me brooding for 'I was such a fool'

'Needless to say' one lass named Enid that was so cute
We always sat studying in the school's library
We chatted a lot about art and of other things
Then one day our fingers touched, not accidentally!

'This was my moment in the sun' we became good friends
When school bell did ring I walked her to the bus stop
Thought she was 'spitting image' of a famous film star
We're so fickle as foolish me 'let the bubble pop'

Years later I saw her 'quite by chance' in city far off
Our eyes met, we both smiled but said not one word that day
Mind you I was married then with kids one, two and three
The past 'water under the bridge' is all I can say

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  1. I join you in having a bit of water under my bridge!!

  2. Ha, you turned all your clichés to good advantage in telling this tale.

  3. School libraries... I wonder how much studying really gets done :)

  4. Nice set of cliches juxtaposed in your poem Robin. Thanks for dropping by to read mine


  5. Facebook was intended just for that quite by chance moment :) :)

  6. I enjoyed how you weaved the cliches of young love in this romantic and funny piece. :-)

  7. I really like how the speaker's "moment under the sun" shines in that smile so many years later. Some waters under bridges are so much warmer than others, aren't they?

  8. Love this!💝 I resonate with "water under the bridge," and smiled at "Then one day our fingers touched, not accidentally!"💝

  9. Oh that heady rush of youthful infatuation. It's nice that you both still smiled at it years later, even though life took you in different directions.

  10. Young love, so energetic, so passionate, and so wrong at times.

  11. This was a delight, from beginning to end and cliché to cliché. Well done!

  12. You've skillfully woven a number of cliches into your poem. Bravo!

  13. A story of past lives/loves and of that moment of looking back. Clichés to fill the thoughts along the way.