Thursday, 6 February 2020

The revenant

What am I doing in this urban sprawl
A place of dirt and crowds and threat of crime
When parking a car it will cost the earth
With myriad strangers but friends are few
The key to happiness is just not here
Misfortune always shows as front page news
People talk in languages I'm not akin
Disaster always on everyones lips
So I'm off; close the book and pack my case
I have ranged so far and lost my roots
Oh to exit this claustrophobic place

It's time for me to don my hiking boots
To find the sweet scent of country life
To grow up like the mountain tops so high
Steams and rivers flowing to wide blue sea
Fluttering leafy trees wave just for me
Chairs on porches lush fruit on the vine
Please calm me with the stillness of your night
Then entice me with the fresh scent of dawn
Surprise me with pleasant views far and wide
You have proved your case there is room for me
My country town's waiting to be my bride 

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  1. Ranged so far I have lost my roots, oh so lovely connection with where I want to go too. Deep into a place I lost long ago. I love your poem very much.

  2. Urban sprawl has swallowed many of us. You are out that place that feeds the soul and enriches life.
    Well done!

  3. I can empathise with this feeling. We don't have roots in a constantly changing place where buildings are knocked down, roads built, people displaced on the whim of property speculators. There's no real life there, just illusion.

  4. I hope your roots will settle and grow happily.

  5. And yet that wider world has a way of worming its way into even the most serene of settings.

  6. Love this! My oceanside home is calling me. I am far from it still.

  7. Good observation: "The key to happiness is just not here"

  8. I'm a city boy myself...but his poem makes a good case for country life! JIM

  9. Gayle Walters Rose7 February 2020 at 19:06

    I like your vision of that calming country life. It does feed the soul rather than deplete it.

  10. I am currently working in the big city right now and this poem just reminds me of what it can be when I retire. Can't wait for the sweet scent of country life.

  11. I think I would be bored of the countryside in just a few weeks... maybe we city-dwellers just need a break someday