Wednesday, 29 January 2020

My Dog

I looked at my dog and he looked at me
He was a great friend as all dogs should be
I knew he had a few things on his mind
Like when's the next meal
Or shall we go out now and rabbits find?

We had a large garden with much to do
Happy when I worked there he'd come out too
But when told to go outside to cock leg
Straight way rushed outside
As never did we even have to beg

Dogs are quite crafty have great sense of smell
When we checked, he disappeared, did not tell
Later this happened again and again
Not to return home
He would chat with dog down the street named Wayne

Sometimes they would both run down the river
Have swim and play then come back the skiver
Totally exhausted after their trip out
Slept in his basket
For an hour or two, the old roustabout

As our road led to open fields and stream
The neighborhood was every dogs dream
His trips with Wayne often with me in tow
Was fun for me too
My wife did say that my face was aglow!

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  1. We had a dog like that, she would go swimming with friends in the creek a quarter mile away and come back a muddy mess.
    Another dog, blind, lost her scent after a rain and didn't return. Several days later the neighbor girl called, "Mr. H, we have Toto in our garage. She was coming down the street with three friends and we coaxed her away." She was a muddy mess too, but her friends had brought her back home.

  2. Nice my favourite dog growing up was named Shane
    Happy Wednesday Robin

    much love...

  3. This made me smile, Robin. It is always so heart-filling to see a happy animal and his human. Furry friends are so good at making life better.

  4. Sounds like a mutual admiration society...and good times!

  5. That was a happy dog and master. Sweet poem.

  6. Lots of smiles... I do love happy dogs and the owners who find delight in them.

  7. The love of a dog and its family - there is nothing better in this world. Thank you for sharing this memory.

  8. A lovely story about your dog, Robin! I miss our Jasper very much and have thought about getting another dog, but I couldn’t replace him, even after all these years, and our cats wouldn’t be happy – they might even leave home!

  9. Faye was the one who loved to run. LOL, and I liked running too when I could. That's so sweet you had so much fun together.

  10. I have such a yen for a dog lately! But it's just not practical where I live.