Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Bunch of bluebells

What is war like for children?
I'll tell you as I was there
When bombing, sinking and fighting
You'd think that would engender fear

Lived but an hour from London
Knew well when sad siren called
The drone of bombers overhead
You'd think that kids would be appalled

Our house at back led to woods
Through fields of ripening corn
Where us kids would live our lives
Planes overhead since we were born

We'd climb the trees and wade streams
Lived our lives in chosen world
What better to live our young lives
Than in the dank bomb shelter curled

Kids see though different eyes
As parents worry with the truth
The delight when back home we come
Forgetting their own days of youth

Recall the delight on Ma's face
At bunch of bluebells brought home
But now happy all in one place
Before nights fear of bombers drone

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  1. If you grew up with it, it must have seemed simply natural and commonplace. Lovely to get a glimpse of the happy life you kids had despite all.

  2. If you lived in the East End your experience might have not been so pleasant.

  3. Kids will always find a way to play. I love the bluebells taken home to mother.

  4. Our granddaughter, and Mrs. Jim, have read about an orphaned girl and her brother who were evacuated from London during the war. I needed to read your write about your experiences. I'm sure there were scary times for you also.
    Having spent five years of heavy visiting while our daughter's work took her and family to London. Im eating a crumpet with strawberry jam with my coffee now.

    1. Meant to say that I feel somewhat British. And have the blood, 3/8, Fletcher, Cram, Smith. Also have 1/4 Isle of Mam.

  5. "Isle of 'Man'. And forgot another 1/4 Brit blood.

  6. This is so evocative. I like the image of "delight on Ma's face at bunch of bluebells brought home," and am glad there was joy amongst trepidation in those times. Thank you so much for writing to the prompt!💝

  7. very enjoyable.. thanks for posting.

  8. Kids will be kids. All they need is love..their job is play.Let the adults worry about the meds...thank goodness!
    I really enjoyed this.