Monday, 4 November 2019

Wolves mournful song

The dark forest didn't beckon us
In fact the morning pines
Told us to stay away

For foolish man was stupid
To cull the wolves whose home
Was balance natures way

We have the police on every street
Forests have wolves instead
It's their job every day

There's no hospital in those dark woods
But wolves do whats right
So harmed ones put to flight

For then the wolves sing their mournful song
To let the forest know
One more friend had to go

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  1. I hate when humans decide culls are necessary, when nature balances things her own way, if we would stop interfering. As wolves live in families, I cant imagine the terror and horror watching their mates fall to gunshots from helicopters. Horrible.

  2. I like the way you started with an unwelcoming forest, Robin, to set the scene, and was shocked by the wolf cull – does that really happen? I like the idea of wolves as forest police. The final stanza is so sad.

  3. This is chilling, and an apt comparison.

  4. The eternal balance of nature’s way.

  5. I like the sound but not the message, "...mournful song To let the forest know One more friend had to go." So mournful.