Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Living in the city

I have always found it such a pity
To spend all my life in this busy city
Where people rush and the air is so gritty
Traffic fumes are filled with such toxicity

Oh to live in peace with no duplicity
Where there are wide spaces that are so pretty
I long to receive a generous annuity
I could retire, be happy and sing a ditty

I've been planning this since I was barely fifty
Couldn't work without generous annuity
But my wife viewed idea with toxicity
She liked to visit shops in the damned city

We argued the problem with much authenticity
Wife of course the chairman of the committee
We stayed where we were with doubtful felicity
So please keep this quiet, I hate publicity

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  1. It sounds like suitable compromises were made. Smiles.

  2. Haha! Some things are more precious than getting your own way. There must have been some places in the city to interact with authenticity!

  3. Nice one. Had to laugh at "Wife of course the chairman of the committee" That's how it goes. Hopefully there is a lots of green in your city

  4. You know, the life in the country can be just as gritty. I gave a huge smile at "wife of course the chairman of the committee".

  5. 😃nice one Robin. Thanks for fropping by to read mine


  6. Ha. It's wise to sacrifice and live in peace :)

  7. I agree with you, and left the city 25 years ago. No regrets whatsoever!

  8. I smiled at "Wife of course the chairman of the committee," sometimes it's wise to make compromises ❤️

  9. I too prefer the country too. The is o.k. for occasional visits. However, sometimes we have to make a difficult choice.

  10. LOL! I can't imagine not being in the heart of a bustling city!