Saturday, 2 November 2019

What's that?

"What's that?" I ask seeing a sparkle in her eyes

She says "The year is coming to another end"
Watching that damned clock drives me round the bend
The willow tree has wept its leaves right off
Now is the season for sneezes, colds and cough

Soon we'll be singing songs and carols round the tree
Telling of our ancestors that used to be
Moving with ungainly stooped gait they did bend
I rue their absence as year comes to an end

We chat, sing carols and children scamper about
Play games with each other after presents doled out
Finally they all go home after time check
While my wife waves as she rubs her tired neck

"Ah! solitude" she says following me to bed

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  1. Delightful! And I like the hint of romance in your opening and closing lines. Oh, and I do love 'The willow tree has wept its leaves right off'.

  2. What a wonderful story in this poem - and solitude is welcome at times

  3. Once the Christmas season starts, I hanker for the solitude that you speak of here. It’s definitely worth the sacrifice-especially when you see the joy on the faces of children as they on wrap their presents.

  4. I love this —especially “The willow tree has wept its leaves right off
    Now is the season for sneezes, colds and cough ...”

  5. I believe it was Ben Franklin who said: "Fish and visitors smell after three days." Even if he didn't, I always look forward to guests going home. Ah, the blessings of solitude!

  6. I love how they relate to each other, the way he knows her, and how she sees the world. This is a couple that endures and grows... year after year.

  7. I resonate with that "Ah, solitude!" I could picture the whole scene, Robin. It's a happy one.

  8. I think we need the balance of play and silence.... too much of either can be devastating.

  9. It's lovely entertaining friends and family, but what a relief when they've gone hime! I enjoyed the lines:
    'The willow tree has wept its leaves right off
    Now is the season for sneezes, colds and cough'.

  10. Great use of the words and a lovely seasonal poem.

  11. I love the romance in this poem, Robin!!❤️

  12. Fall and winter are my favorite seasons--despite the coughs and colds! I loved this seasonal piece!!

  13. Yes. We can know exactly what will happen--and look forward to it anyway!

  14. I do my best to hide out for the holidays...

  15. The willow tree has wept its leaves right off
    -love that image!

  16. Getting ready for evening is quite a rigmarole when children get involved. Having raised five, I respect the sighed, ""Ah! solitude" she says" when it is parent's turn.

  17. My goodness, but each year seems to be passing more quickly than the one before.
    No sooner have we put away one Christmas, until the shops remind us, in August, that it's moving close to the festive season again!! Loved your poem..