Sunday, 10 November 2019

They're comng of age

The millenials are marching
They're coming of age
The boys are champions
Have looks like a sage
The girls are luscious
They are marching too
Rights are their wishes
Which will come they're hoping

The millenials are singing
(A bit out of tune)
It's no milk sop army
But movement brewing
This bright afternoon
Crowds are thickening
They're playing their cards
And they aim is winning

They've reached the park with bells ringing
Crowd sits down waiting
For first one to speak
Talks of corruption
Nature, climate change
Melting ice, forests
Water theft and more
Then there's over fishing

No subject for them is off the cards
Greed rules the planet
For them truth is clear
Wars are for profit
So millionnaires grin
Meanwhile all the crowd
Want an honest life
And to end the charades

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  1. The world is becoming like a circus!

  2. May the marchers achieve their end: a world without charades.

  3. I think that changes are coming... still there will be both wins and set-backs. It has happened so many times before.

  4. I am glad that the millenials are marching. We need someone to get us out of the apathy that seems so rampant. I remember the marches against the Vietnam War. Now no one marches despite lunacy all about. There is so much that has been numbed. I wonder if we will be able to turn it around. Some days I have little faith.

  5. I am relieved that the millennial are marching!! It's high time that we face positive change. ❤️

  6. Yes, the young have not sold their souls for money, so they see clearly....the world must seem incomprehensible to them. Australia, the Amazon, California are burning and the legislators sit around endlessly quibbling about whether climate change is real. ARGH! It drives me CRAZY. Here in Tofino, we will be striking for climate change again on the 29th, along with places everywhere.

  7. Nor have the elderly sold their souls. I started marching in 1967 and still I march. I find most of the milleneials to be shallow at best.

  8. Yes Hurrah - the young - having given up on our 'leaders' - are stepping into the vanguard and calling for action on climate change. That is wonderful to see. Let's hope it is not too late.

  9. I think we all want that--when Trump was elected my youngest and I went out to protest--it felt great!

  10. Good for them! I only hope it is not too late.

  11. Unfortunately our generation failed so badly that the burden is now on the kids to save the earth.

  12. I feel the marchers' hope and determination through your words. I especially love this line: "Meanwhile all the crowd
    Want an honest life". Powerful.

  13. Touche' and good luck to them all. Nice marching ballad.