Friday, 8 November 2019

Checking apartments

Checking apartments were my wife and me
At Brighton town overlooking the sea
So we looked at new ones and we looked at old
But not one we looked at screamed out, sold!

Until we found this place high up the hill
My wife's eyes brightened, I could see her thrill
From the Lounge window we could see the sea
It had been maintained in fact superbly

The kitchen was first room seen by my wife
Never seen her grin so much in her life
We saw Lounge room fireplace was burnished brass
In fact the whole flat really was first class

I spoke to the salesman to check the price
"The sellers just dropped it, does that entice?"
Wife nodded but I said,"There's more to see
From master bedroom we could see the sea"

With the drop in price we could afford it
We double checked the lot, then we did sit
Signed the offer, salesman nodded his head
Wife said "I'll see the sea from my own bed!"

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  1. The beautiful seaside scene ever changing with changes of the weather all from the bedroom is just fantastic!


  2. Sounds like a nice place. :)

  3. Oh the thrill of living by the sea!

  4. This is such a fantasy!! To see the sea from your bed, my god that is just the pinnacle.

  5. To witness the sea from my home sounds like the ultimate in living accommodations! Nice.

  6. This sounds wonderful... to see the sea from your bed is wonderful

  7. Just love this. To see out of my bedroom window would be very very good. To see the sea would be amazing!!!

  8. What a wonderfully composed and touching story - it's always good to have a room with a view

  9. Aw! They probably spent many nights looking out at the sea curled up in each others' arms.

  10. It helps one get to sleep when watching the sea. I've done it from a cruise ship and a few, not many from our hotel bed. I remember distinctly Barbados. The BIL, KP, and Mrs. Jim went to the beach at Brighton, U.K, when we were in London but I stayed at the kid's flat.

    1. Robin, I like your rhyme, it makes reading it seem more poetic to me.

  11. Truly ... I'd live happily ever after :)