Friday, 27 September 2019

My maladroit life

Don't talk to me about maladroit
That's because I was affected alright
As I didn't know my left from right
T'was when I was just a lttle sprite

Wasn't helped by having bully brother
Wanted to change me for another
But he couldn't convince our mother
His eyes! Me, he wanted to smother

Made things worse I was a clumsy brat
Toddled around fell over the cat
Both sent outside to play...that was that
Pushed me in a puddle, I went splat!

All my days 'til I was nine or ten
Learn't life was cruel with right wrist broken
When he jumped on me that was the end
Found a mate at school that was my friend

So my clumsiness soon disappears
Just right in time for first teenage years
Girls were great but oft would cause tears
But one turned up to allay all fears

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  1. Some children seem to be prone to accidents, Robin. I was one too! I’m glad you outgrew it, although clumsiness can be attractive!

  2. Such a pity to be bullied like that but I am glad you found your feet - and a companion

  3. I still don't know my left from my right.

  4. A tale of triumph! Glad you found THE one😊

  5. You often write about it and I wonder about how common that sort of situation is.I am so sorry that you went through all those bullying years.A childhood should not be blighted by that.

  6. Growing up can be a tedious period in life. It is after all a learning process with all the ups and downs. It makes it all the more interesting though!


  7. I resonate with the part about bullying.. was terrified of my cousin in the paternal side of the family. She used to twist my arm and belittle me because I wasn't confident enough. I love that closing line and am glad you found happiness in the end! ❤️❤️

  8. This has a very sweet ending .... nice after the pain coming before it.

  9. I think I was clumsy also in my teens... I know the feeling..

  10. I'm grateful that my kids stuck mostly to verbal bickering. Seeing them get along so well in their later teen years makes me so happy.

  11. Oh, Robin. Can all this be true? Terrible brother, how terrible that would make one feel to have serious fears if being traded in. Feel bad too to let a cat trip ones self.
    BTW, I think it was outside Melborne where birds would land on our hands or arms.

  12. For all the clumsiness, a happily ever after :)

  13. Everyone is somewhat clumsy in their teens. Glad you found the right girl.