Sunday, 29 September 2019

Lightning flashes

My wife has a phobia with lightning flashes
So runs to the bedroom off she dashes
Grunts with fear pulls covers over her head
I meanwhile come indoors to toast some bread
Put my car keys on hook by the front door
Just as stroke of lightning makes a roar
The wind now wails and seems to stamp its feet
Followed by power blackout game complete
Seems that the bad weather has won this shot
As rain rails down I'm amused not one jot
Groping for doors got idea in my head
To join my wife cuddled up in warm bed
Weather levelled out after a a while
When lights came back on wife's a mass of smiles

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  1. Seems you made a bit of lightning happen yourself. All smiles after the storm.

  2. Always good to end a storm with a smile

  3. If you have a power blackout and a partner, that's one way to make use of it.
    I would probably just sit and watch the lightning.

  4. Quite a bit of lightning in this, Robin. Good one.