Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Lack of vigilance

Her name Maryanne
A cousin of my wife
First met her when she was but a teen
Eyes wide open absorbing all she'd seen

Saw her twice a year
Her smile was such a draw
She loved going shopping with my wife
Never thought she would cause such strife

Or to put it straight
To have a crush on me
Whilst I doted on such attention
And stole a kiss which we do not mention

Alone she was near
Sat in my lap one day
And laid her sweet head on my shoulder
Think now of the things I should have told her

I whispered to her
"You're much too old for this"
She said cutely "Don't you like me then?"
"Of course I do, but just where will it end?"

With her snuggled up 
Wife opened up the door
Saw us and said "Go and pack your things"
Maryanne fled with me explaining

"Okay, she can stay"
Was her surprise remark
"I meant that you'd be be the one to go"
I sighed seeing Maryanne's face all aglow

Goodness knows what my brain does when I think about a prompt before drafting something but this is what emerged as I started scribbling. Apologies to those that may consider it in bad taste, but clearly the husband was careless from the start.

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  1. Beware! Those cousins-in-law will be your downfall every time!
    Well done.

  2. I'm glad your imagination took flight

  3. Which of the three should remain most vigilant is hard to say! This could be the plot of a play.

  4. Oh I LOVE the wife's reply. Good one!

  5. This isn’t far from fiction in the slightest! Everyone’s at it these days (or so it seems to me) :-)

  6. Never had any cousins around to the pull this trick. Sounds like a plan to me.

  7. haha - I didn't see the wife's reply coming.

  8. A great twist to the story with lots of unexpected reactions. The 'husband is to go' is hilarious. Takes great talents to inject lots of humour into this Robin!


  9. An old story that still goes on today. The wife was wise - and vigilant.

  10. The adult is responsible for the children. The wife was wise. Your brain came up with a good story. Enjoyed reading it.

  11. Love the wife’s decision. This is not an uncommon situation.