Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Busy Bees

Honey means busy bees
While I will shake my knees
Scared that I'll get a sting
Mindful of their striped bling

We value buzzing bees
Fertilize our crops please
Best insect in the world
But soon in death throws curled

Big companies don't hide
They spray insecticide
Kills insects one, two three
Even our friend Honey Bee

Yes, profit is okay
But not if bees we slay
Vegetation needs them
Every bee is a gem

Remember as a boy
That bee's buzz was a joy
I lay in field of flowers
Mindful of their powers

Sweet bees please stay with us
If you die all will cuss
Then we will realize
Our job now to fertilize

The latest Buzz.....Many countries were affected throughout the world by the spread of the  Varroa mite, a parasite that attacked bee colonies from 1993 on. Luckily Australia was not seriously affected and the mite when found in the north of the country was eradicated. However other problems do exist for hives in Australia as in other countries of the world.

Image found at https://pixabay/com/photos/search/beehive/?pagei=3


  1. I hope the honey bees continue to charm you - what a lovely memory of those fields

  2. The death of all bees would be the end of the human race. How much we owe to such a small creature!

  3. "Every bee is a gem"...If we could all realize this, our planet would have been a paradise. Love the sweet memories too.

  4. To have both fear and admiration of bees is healthy respect. May the bees continue to do what they do to keep our planet alive.

  5. Although I was never a boy, these lines brought back happy summer days, Robin:
    'Remember as a boy
    That bee's buzz was a joy
    I lay in field of flowers
    Mindful of their powers'.

  6. I love the image of you as a boy lying in the grassy fields. Bees are having a hard time these days, and I hope we can save them.

  7. Excellent poem. Hopefully we can resolve the issues that have risen for bees.

  8. Beekeepers hold the universe in their hands. Your poem was most charming

  9. This is absolutely beautiful, Robin!❤️ Especially love; "Remember as a boy/That bee's buzz was a joy/I lay in field of flowers/Mindful of their powers."

  10. We need those precious bees, if we wish to survive.

  11. We both wrote versions of the same poem!

  12. they are created to fulfill a need
    where none others are able to meet
    hunting for nectar
    venturing further afar
    to provide all with a healthy feed


  13. Beyond plants, many animals, such as the beautiful bee-eater birds, would lose their prey in the event of a die-off, and this would also impact natural systems and food webs. But, who cares? If we evolved from savage beasts into civilized beings, or so the rationale goes, those darker impulses are always bubbling beneath the surface. Sigh.

  14. Lack of bees are a big problem for the fruit farmers here. My one orange tree can be hand pollinated, but no need this year, the bees came.
    Nice poem, Robin, those bees need all pulling for them that can and will.

  15. David Attenborough advises that we leave a little water with sugar for our bees in our gardens to save our bees.

  16. when the negative outweighs the positive (spraying insecticide!) it's hard to comprehend why we continue. Oh yeah, profit. sigh.