Monday, 30 September 2019

My Blossom

I called you my blossom
You were a flower for me
Just for me alone

You were generous
With an abundance of love
Life so beautiful

We enjoyed the riches
Of life’s rich fecundity
Always together

Cold and now alone
Penalized without your love
But our fruit spread wide

Many years ago when I first started blogging most of my writing was short stories or regular serial stories that lasted months until I was at last smitten (or bitten) by my poetic muse. I quickly became an enthusiast for haiku style poetry and this is one of them written in four verses although many other poems were often longer. Few were illustrated but eventually I tried to incude suitable pictures as well. As the general story telling blogs became fewer I found the poetry blogs instead.

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  1. I think your poems are still like stories - refined and beautiful just like a blossom

  2. Those haiku do tell a bittersweet love story, showing that there can be cross pollination between the forms.

  3. I'm with Jae Rose. Your poems always read like stories to me, snapshots of relationships. The last of this trio made me sigh.

  4. This is wonderful OE, and well matched to the photo. I personally have always loved an image to complete my verse — hence the name of my site: “Image & Verse”. Fine writing here!

  5. I enjoyed this senryu series, Robin, it's very personal, yet we can relate to it.

  6. I love your poems, and so often they tell stories, which I enjoy very much. So glad you found the poetry circuit, Robin.