Monday, 16 September 2019

If food runs out

Driving back that night the radios had gone mad
Prattling on about an attack, the news was bad
I called my wife but the line was dead, all shut down
So slowly made my way home amid traffic's drone

Not up with the news but clearly all had gone wrong
To find our own governments had sang the wrong song
With a shelter in the ground and supplies all round
Water to last three months and food stacks did abound

It was a long slow drive back with all roads clogged now
Finally home well past eight and no lights did show
I parked the car, checked wife's short note, "I'm you know where"
That was the clue that she was in the shelter, that's fair

It was just a shed on higher ground with cellar
under, providing hiding place for half a year
I checked around so that I was not seen by snoopers
We'd planned the event to avoid such bloopers

So in the darkness, quietly made my way down
the garden out of sight and sound by all around
I opened door casually and walked in the shed
And found my wife safely making up the bed

She stopped and rushed over hugged and kissed me
You cant believe how relieved we were in safely
I hoped our food and batteries would not run out
Water lasted and cesspit did not spill about

We lived in that cellar for about seven weeks
The radio came back but news was dismal and bleak
Was safe to return home as there was some sort of truce
Finally news came back but it sounded obtuse

Other people now driving, to city I'm bound
But didn't wave as guessed they were snooping around
Radio still vague I wonder how long we can last
Our water and food supplies are running out fast

We are boiling the water from the nearest creek
Have been doing this now for over a week
Having to eat young vegtables from garden bed
If food runs out we'll have to go or end up dead

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  1. What a story this poem conveys. Somehow amidst the disaster i feel comfort in being with each other and being able to survive together

  2. An epic dystopian ballad, Robin. I like the rhyming, including the internal rhymes, and the way you set up the scene with cars clogging the roads – a heart-stopping slow drive back. I also found the idea of snoopers terrifying, and the thought that food and batteries might run out. I love the tiny spark of hope in the final stanzas - and the fact that you're not alone.

  3. Robin, you have covered things well here. Our TV weather people gave us a warning to have water and food and batteries for three days starting tomorrow and Thursday. A tropical disturbance is just off our Gulf Coast. Rain and wind gusts shoud start around 1:00PM today. Nothing underground or basements here, they would fill with water.
    I'm glad Kim told us that this is "An epic dystopian ballad," I know and would have said ballad but not having a further classification breakdown. Thanks, Kim.
    p.s. That is her teacher showing.

  4. Dystopian and fallout shelters go hand in hand .... you told the story well.

  5. Even when survival is often in doubt - humans seem to do their best, hold onto that thin thread of hope. That's what I feel here with this write.

  6. This is how it would be, Robin, you have written it well. I can imagine the relief, once they are together in one spot.

  7. I wonder how many would wait even if all was well... would you trust the news, or starve...