Saturday, 14 September 2019

Moving house

Had lots of reservations moving to city
Living in an apartment with neighbors so close
With lift instead of stairs just used for escape
I so missed my garden and the twittering birds
But not sorry there were no rats about
Flowerboxes on balcony are not much fun
I'm growing basil there and flowering annuals

Had a few doubts about moving to the city
My wife Mary thought the kitchen was far too small
Until she found all the extra storage space here
There were fire alarms inside to sense smoke and burns
And on seventh floor the noisy traffic quietened
At first we had city maps pinned up on wall
But it didn't take us long to find our way around

We are all so happy we moved to the city
Kids love the city parks and zoo a walk away
Young Andy likes the flamingos there with long necks
Of course he imitated them when he got home
Flapping his arms on his flank strutting around
There is a new river cruise we all want to try
But what's the hurry we've only been here a month

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  1. I love how you write your poems - they always tell a story (and you slotted flamingoes in was a tricky word!)

  2. Ah the city definitely does have certain advantages, I think. So many wonderful things to do and enjoy. I enjoyed this, Robin.

  3. This is wonderfully portrayed, Robin! I agree, there is a certain charm when it comes to city life ❤️

  4. It is nice that by poem's end, the family has adjusted well to city life.

  5. I think both the city and the countryside has its own merits... and you adopt to learn the advantages of both.

  6. I think we all dread new living situations, but once we get into them, we can usually find something to like about them, and the longer we're there, we find even more to delight us.

  7. Such a wonderful re-telling of the concerns, the losses and the gifts of starting a new life in a different place. I loved reading this!

  8. Enjoyed the subtle adaptation to the city and the way you drew in the unexpected quiet and then the anticipation of new discoveries.

  9. What fun! I love young Andy imitating flamingoes. This shows the way to adjust and to find happiness wherever you go.

  10. It sounds like the transition from country to city living was easier than expected. It's hard to adjust to change but, a positive outlooks always helps.

  11. Well told. You are an awesome storyteller/chronicler, Robin. I see this as a wonderful introduction to a City Adventures series.

    1. Late perhaps Wendy. So much to do so little time!

  12. Nice recap of moving worries and its returns. If I moved into the city it was of necessity of some sorts or for big benefits. I like the idea of the seventh floor away from the traffic noises. They and afternoon sun are the worst of apartment living. Been through both.

  13. I love the narrative. It’s good to see that you’re slowly getting used to the city and in fact, finding your way around perfectly.

  14. i loved how you adapted to life in the city.
    a delightful narrative. :)