Wednesday, 4 September 2019

I made up stories

I knew nothing of literacy before I went to school
I didn't need to as I could cry, gurgle and drool
My parents got fed up with that, they thought I played the fool

First day Ma took me I didn't like it one bit
Next morning refused to go, stayed with Gran, I seemed to fit
Thereafter to school I went, was no way out of it

So then I learned to read and write to Mum and Dad's delight
Despite the war, quickly learned the ABC and was alright
When it was over we moved house, now was easy to write

I made up stories from the start, got good marks that pleased all
And made eyes with girl from my class, she liked me I was tall
Lucky was accepted to local Grammar school that fall

Not only that my mother worked in Library part time
So gorged myself on grown up books that was no crime
Pullitzer prize authors, classics and more as a pastime

Was glad too I did write a few essays that did not suck
My marks were average but exceeded at sport what luck
Then got offer as a draftsman so able to earn a buck

A few years passed and found that my wife was fun
Had won award for essay when at school and quite young
Both joined a writing club, read our stories with own tongue

Later married daughter told me of blogging site
Where I could write stories which was such fun alright
So tapped the keyboard several days at night

But found story telling blogs became fewer and fewer
So had to find the sites where poetry was the bidder
So pleased now that PU is my literary rescuer

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  1. I love the sense of your story with words throughout the years..and am so glad you discovered blogging and poets united

  2. 'So pleased now that PU is my literary rescuer' spoke for me here....

  3. Poetry is a magical rescuer indeed. It is nearly ten years since we have been blogging at PU...churning out masterpieces:)

  4. This is quite a saga! It may have been freer before school, but so many benefits came after that it's hard to remember. And in the end, it is our creations through literacy that we share and touch the world with. Thank you for this poem.

  5. I love your autobiographical poem, Robin, and your love of stories and books shines through. You were lucky to have a mum who worked in a library and a wife who shared your love of writing.

  6. I enjoyed reading of your reading experiences. I assume this is strict truth, not an embellished report. I'm happy with the prize your wife won. And mine will be reading with me if we are in the same room and I dont stop to talk.
    My "straight blog" used to have humor and stories but now only journal type or meme responses get press. We used have an informal group chatting together but now most of them have gone to Facebook.
    Again, nice write. My mom was a city girl who married a farm boy.

  7. I love this story. How wonderful that you and your wife shared writing. We are glad your daughter encouraged you to blog, Robin. I am so grateful to my friend who strongly encouraged me to blog - it changed my life.

  8. Wonderful. You and your wife both shared a love of reading and writing. Your daughter encouraged you to blog. And we are grateful for it.

  9. You've gone from Maker-Up of Stories to Maker-Up of Poems. Not a bad transition, if you ask me.

  10. I love the way you did this. Essentially, you are still a story writer-just in a different way, and a delight to read!

  11. Your poem is such a delight to read!
    so glad i found PU too. :)