Sunday, 8 September 2019

I've fruit in my pack

"Do you need some help?" I asked
"With that poor left leg of yours?"
She glanced up and shook her head
"You're kind, I'll manage without
Seven limbs are quite enough
For me and snakes to get about"

"Aren't you hungry?" I then said
"I'm vegetarian
Except for the snakes of course"
"You can relax my sweet man
They've got the message stay away"
"Now come close, touch me if you can"

I must say she turned me on
Cuddling her was quite a treat
Then she said "I need to eat"
I felt the snakes get all alert
So said "I've fruit in my pack"
She smiled "Wisdom you do not lack"

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  1. Now you are worrying me...if you find this a turn on:)

    1. I felt sorry for her with that severed foot in hand...and of course her entrancing eyes.

  2. Ah, some temptations are better left uninvestigated.

  3. !! The kind-hearted are usually the first to go in a horror film :P