Saturday, 14 September 2019

Groovy music 1956

Trad Jazz was my favorite when was a youth
Groovy music with cute girls that sang
Stomped my feet with a beer glass in hand
Ottilie Paterson in Chris Barber's band

At first the venue was on top floor of pub
Crowded right out to enhance the feel
So popular was the Friday gig
They had to move to hall that was really big

I didn't drive at that time, that came later
Me and mate got lift in old Ford van
Dropped us both off after a nine mile trip
Getting home to have a long drunken kip

I survived the booze and the drunken ride
I bought Barber's records now long gone
Grown up and have normal life style
But still dream of my wild youth once in a while

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  1. Yeah... I too still dream of my wild younger years. This is so well described, I feel like I can see and hear (and taste and smell!) it all. Really nice, thank you.

  2. Love the walk down memory lane. We’ve all had a wild side- and yours was indeed, groovy 😊

  3. Nice tale, Robin. That was a great night wasn't it. I was driving at 14 so at 16 when Prom came Dad let me have the car. When I got it to town I uncoupled the odometer and picked up my Buddy. He had whiskey, we went to the dinner and the cruised and drank. No girls, we drove to neighboring towns where girls cruised also but didn't pick any up. I suppose if we'd have offered drinks maybe we all could have ridden together. That came later in life. (It was more fun sitting in the back seat with a girl.)
    p.s. I wrote a ditty, no history. Do you remember the song, "Feeling Groovy"?

  4. My younger days would have been Punk Rock I think... but still the same feeling... (though perhaps not groovy)

  5. My dad used to play in a band when he was a wild young man. LOL, it still tickles me to think of it. Thank you for bringing back the memory of us talking about it.

  6. Ah... youth. Carefree and the world all before you.